Navroze Mubarak or Pateti Mubarak

Know the difference between saying Navroz Mubarak or Pateti Mubarak
Last 5th Gatha Pateti day. Just a reminder to all Zoroastrian People. Never wish any Zoroastrian – “a very Happy Pateti” !!

Just to let you know that never wish anyone “Pateti Mubarak” as it is not a feast day that we are celebrating.

“Patet” is a small prayer that we are supposed to pray on the last day of the year that it is on the fifth Gatha day asking Ahura Mazda to forgive us for all the wrongs done by us during the whole year and asking for His pardon and mercy .

When we wish someone Pateti Mubarak we are making a blunder as how can we wish someone a happy feast day as on that day we are repenting for our misdeeds done and praying to Ahura Mazda asking for His blessings to take us on the right path.

This is a wrong practice, kindly avoid saying PATETI MUBARAK.

After the last day of the year is over the correct tradition is to say Saal Mubarak or Navroze Mubarak or Happy New Year and so forth. We can wish someone in advance also Happy New Year but never Pateti Mubarak. ~ Dolly Contracter



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