Nagpur Parsi Cemetery


nagpur parsi cemetery

Writing on marble plaque at the gate of the ‘Nagpur Parsi Cemetery’.


Top Script is of the Avestan Language (read it from right to left) and

below is its transcript is in Gujarati Script (read it from left to right).

In English (i.e.Roman script)

The Avestan Script reads right to left in three lines: –


Khanvaitish ashahē vɘrɘzō

Yazamaidē. Yāhu irishtanā(n)m

Urvānō, shāyantē



In Gujarati script it reads left to right in two lines: –

[Note – the Avestan ‘Z’ in ‘vɘrɘzō’ is mis-spelt in Gujarati as ‘vɘrɘjō’]


Khanvaitish ashahē vɘrɘjō yazamaidē

yāhu irishtanā(n)m urvānō, shāyantē.



My 2 line literal translation: –


Praise/reverence be to the glorious & righteous deeds

accomplished by the souls of the departed, always (meaning for evermore/ for eternity).


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