Mercury Shahram, Iran’s Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce chairman


Mercury Shahram, Iran's Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce chairman 1Shahram mercury, as chairman and CEO Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce in two years, Brgzydhshd. This selection, followed by elections in this Chamber, is marked.
Following the elections fell short and Brgzydhshdn “Mercury”,  the secretary of World Congress of Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce in May of next year will be held, as it is he.
Chamber of Commerce Board of Administrators in which all residents Hyatryys·h a member, Zoroastrian representative in the House inspections, hours ago, held Qobad Ghobadi, a successor director (deputy chairman) Chamber of Commerce will take over.
Based on this election, Babak SH Farshad ancient as treasurer and secretary are selected Chamber of Commerce.
Babak deism, Shahram mercury, Qobad Ghobadi, Farshad ancient, Rustam ancient and Babak Shahriar and Farzam Khosraviani, 7 a member of this period Hyatmdyrhy Chamber of Commerce are.
Nooshin Zrkyvan and Dynaz Dhnady, a member successor (Lyalbdl) board of directors in this period are.
inspectors that the main new Hyatmdyrhy Zoroastrians of Iran Chamber of Commerce will work to pay, Shahriar Esfandiari and Ardeshir Mehrdad and Dhnady Kiomars to a successor auditor (Lyalbdl) is Brgzydhshdh.
These people for two years, will remain the same positions


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