Mehregan Festival Valentines love among Iranians


Pedram Soroushpour, on Ordibehesht Day in the Tehram Fire Temple
Mehregan Festival is the day to commemorate ‘love’ among Iranians

Mehregan Festival Valentines love among Iranians 1


By Negin Sadi, Amordad correspondent
TEHRAN (Amordadnews): “The celebration of love in the Iranian culture, which is actually the godly love for all the creatures created by Ahura Mazda, is Mehregan Day, which is long rooted in our history and existed thousands of years before the Valantine day of the Europeans came to Iran”.
Pedram Soroushpour spoke in the Ordebehesht day ceremony (fire Temple day) and called the invasion of foreign culture for commemorating the day for love, when Mehregan day, with its rich and ancient roots already exists, unfortunate.
Soroushpour greeted all those present in the Fire Temple on occasion of Esfandgan Festival and added: “Some people erroneously think that the Esfandgan day is the day of ‘love’ for Iranians, which is not correct, since Esfandgan is the day for commemorating the role of woman and earth. By including the day for ‘love’ into this day we are fading the importance of the role of mother.  In fact, the Esfandgan festival and the belief that it is a day for commemorating the role of woman and our earth, has come to us from very old times.
He asked all present to give a deeper look into our culture, tradition and our customs and acknowledge the belief that exists behind all these, because we, Zoroastrians, are the real guardians of the Iranian culture from the past, upto date.
The ceremony started with the recitation of Avesta, and the renewing of the kusti by some of the Mobeds and ended with entertainment with “ash” and traditional bread.



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