Manockjee Cursetjee Photos of 150th Annual day

I’m pleased as Punch to be able to claim The Alex as my Alma Mater and absolutely delighted that that Legacy still goes on and we continue to punch way beyond our weight!
Congratulations to all involved in helping to make Manockjee Cursetjee’s bequest live on for generations to come!
Shirin (nee Malcolm) J. Mistry

Hi folks! Here are some pictures from our show on the 22nd of April. It was entitled “And….the Legacy goes on”. Just to give a brief background…the first half was on the life of our founder, Manockjee Curstejee as narrated by his father Cursetjee Manockjee Shroff, or the Khada Parsi as he is better known…the statue at Byculla bridge is his. It was a beautiful depiction, moving many to tears at the end.The beginning itself, showing the credits, was enough to make the audience sit up and say “wow”! It was in contemporary form showing the evils done to women….sati, child marriage, female infanticide, etc. It was beautifully choreographed. Post interval began with “Be Our Guest” where our western dancers were in the aisles of the auditorium, and the classical ones on stage. We then moved on to a cafeteria where we had senoritas dancing, and then the bakers realized they had forgotten about an order for a 150kg cake! (Our 150th anniversary, get it??) And so there’s chaos….till a beautiful spirit appears and with the help of elves, makes it magically. So we have all the ingredients come in, in dance and song till the finale where we made the cake with cancan dancers… was really awesome! The fact that we had the best auditorium in Mumbai, NCPA, and fantastic lights, sound and music…it was a day to remember! And I am awfully proud of my part in it!!! The days of practice in the heat, the long hours, tempers flying…everything was worth it!!!!

Some of you were at the show, but enjoy anyway!!! Will be sending some more too. Enjoy! We made it to this month’s issue of Parsiana!
Love, Gulnar
Photo: We are on the Cover!!!!
Photo: Be our Guest . . I do not know how Siddhai carried that headgear! I could not even lift it!
BE OUR GUEST – Classical -Western fusion – post interval
Photo: Father and son
FATHER ( Khada Parsi) and SON (Manockjee Cursetjee – our founder)
Photo: the pic says it all
Photo: Grand finale
Photo: Senoritas again
Photo: credits dance . . female infanticide
CREDIT DANCE – portraying evils of society (specially against women) 1800s
Photo: MC's daughters Aimai, Serenebai and Cooverbai
Manockjee’s three daughters
Photo: Queen Victoria giving permission to name our school Alexandra
Queen Victoria giving permission for the school to be named after her daughter-in-law Princess Alexandra
Photo: The superb Choral group!!!
Photo: All the main characters of the second half . . Princess of churning, Guiding spirit, the joker and the naughty elves!!!!
5 main characters who weaved the post interval magic
Photo: Stilt man in london scene
London bazaar scene
Photo: Lord Elphinstone speaks in praise of MC
Lord Elphinstone in praise of Manockjee
Photo: Khada Parsi standing tall
Standing tall – Khada Parsi- narrator
Photo: the pic says it all

Beautiful . . brought a tear to many an eye . . .


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