London, Tirgan Jashan, 11-14Aug2011


London, Tirgan Jashan, 11-14Aug2011 1This year the ‘Tirgan Jashan’ was held in England for the first time by a group of Zoroastrians in London. It was held as a summer camp between the 11th and 14th August 2011.

Around 170 people from all over the world attended and it was the greatest number to ever gather for the jashan. They came from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.
The camp started with the tying of the ‘tir-o-baad’ bracelets as people arrived. They could rest at the ‘chai-khaneh’ (tea-house) and it became a place where people came often. In the evening a prayer by Mobed€ ¦ commenced the jashan. There were several activities and traditional games during the camp, including: ropes course, zip-wire, archery, ‘chak-o-dole’ (traditional Persian fortune-telling), ping-pong, card-games, backgammon, volleyball, football, swimming and a water-fight. There was a camp fire where people gathered at night, and also a hall with music and dancing till the early morning. The traditional games were a reminder of the ancient times and a great culture.


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