language of zoroastrians, Dari Language


Book: ‘That Which Makes us Haida’ – this book brought home and brought to the heart the dilemma that many of us have: our beautiful language of Dari, the language of zoroastrians for hundreds of years. ‘this that separates us from our capturers’ .This book is about the first nation of Haida Gwaii from northern British Columbia Canada. With their land raped three ways by the Big Oil, Big Gas and Bid Pipe, their culture bleeding through the edge of Big Media knife, this is the drenching story of the resistance and surrender of the 40 Haida speaking people that are left in the world. During the development of this book 20 of them will also lose their battle and die. Throughout the many touching stories of stories, translations and transformations, I held back tears as I read the story of Mona, on her death bed, her last wish to have a Haida speaking at her bed. That was not meant to be, but Mona got her wish at the end, the spirits came speaking the language to her, she spoke to them and joined them, her daughter hearing her speaking Hiada before her passage. Would there be a Zoroastrian Dari speaking Mona? Is our Dari language going to have the same challenge? I would challenge anyone to think about a similar project for the Dari language. It would be fairly easy to finance and accomplish.

A movement in the air
the molecules run the wave

an extension of the brain
a tongue commanded to take action
to speak, to send a message
the defaulted choose to speak the defaulted language
the arabized language
the language of their barbarian destroyer
the de facto, the defaulted
never challenged.


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