LA, Lecture Psychology of victimhood in minortiy


Dr. Nady Kim, born in Tehran, Iran in 1950, has enjoyed an extensive career in psychology and mental health. Her immense passion in the discipline caused her to pursue and develop expertise in all related aspects of the field, particularly in psychoanalysis. In addition to her many years of experience in private practice, Dr. Kim has expanded and extended her work to focus primarily on educational coaching, development, and growth. Her principle educational and professional goals center upon the belief that through analysis, a human being learns to build a foundation upon which they may further attach, learn, and evolve the self.

Dr. Kim completed Tehran University with a degree in Medicine and Psychology. Upon moving to the United States, her passions for the science of mental health lead her to pursue her studies focused in treatment and psychoanalysis. Dr. Kim began this work in Washington D.C. , where she received a Masters in Educational Psychology, a Certification in Psychoanalysis, and a Doctorate degree from George Washington University . Additionally, she received a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from CGI, Los Angeles, California; obtained a Certification in Forensic Psychology from the State of California; and received Certification in Parenting and Child Development.

Dr. Kim is currently compiling her clinical experience into a series of book volumes. Outside of work, Dr. Kim conducts lectures on the literary and philosophical works of the Sufi Poet Rumi. She has also raised two lovely daughters. Her oldest recently obtained her J.D. and plans to pursue a carrier in Corporate Business & Entertainment Law; and the youngest has chosen to follow in her mother’s footsteps and continue her work in psychoanalysis.



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