Kerman Maneckji L Hataria’s Statue Zoroastrian Museum


Kerman Maneckji L Hataria's Statue Zoroastrian Museum 1The following information was previously posted by Bahman Noruziaan on another alias. You can use the link to see the article in Amordad News. (I have also copied and pasted the article and picture of the statue of Maneckji Limji Hataria who went to Iran to study and report on the sad plight of Zarathushtis in Iran during the Qajar dynasty rule of Naseeruddin Shah when their population was down to around 4,000 people, and who came back to successfully petition the Shah to remove the hated Jizya tax on non-Muslims, and with funds raised by Parsis of India to help start schools, repair Daremehrs, and help Zarathushtis to start coming out of their depressed state into a gradually prosperous condition.)

The article is in Persian language.
Maneck Bhujwala

“The Kermani Zoroastrians have done something special for the Zoroastrian community. They have created the only Zoroastrian Museum in Iran. In this museum the ceremonies and rituals as well as some antique objects and
artifacts, clothing and other Zoroastrian related objects are put to display.

This year a new section was added to the Museum for the introduction of the well know Zoroastrian figures. The Museum is one of most visited places by the tourists, specially during Novruz holidays.

Thanks to the Kermani Zartoshtis, including the members of Zoroastrian Anjuman, and the good Zartoshti youths of Kerman who have used their knowledge and skills to bring about this unique project to its currents state.”


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