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Kainaz Motivala Zarathushti actress 1There is a new Zarathushti actress in the Indian movie scene, Kainaz Motivala. Following are excerpts from an article b Amrita Mulchandani in the Times of India of May 10, 2011.

Amrita Mulchandani, May 10, 2011, 03.06pm IST
Words like cute, gorgeous, beautiful are often used to describe actor Kainaz Motivala by many. Though one doesn’t get to meet her often but her voice also makes you feel that she is someone calm, composed and cute. How do you feel being complimented all the time?

“Honestly, I find it strange â?” I don’t think I am so good looking. I don’t get compliments often but it feels great to be appreciated,” she blushes. Kainaz is just two films old and now she is seen making noise with her latest film Ragini MMS.

This Mumbai girl did her BMM course from Jai Hind College, worked in a magazine and then faced the camera. “I never dreamt about acting. During a makeover shoot, Paathshaala film director offered me the role. It was a random decision to be an actress,” shares Kainaz. Today acting is love and life for her. “It feels great to be in front of the camera. It makes me happy. I am glad that this profession isn’t monotonous â?” it is interesting and exciting,” she avers.

Talking about her latest controversial film, Kainaz says that she chose to do the film immediately after she read the script. “The film is women oriented and generally these kind of films aren’t made. I am glad I got to do this film as these kind of roles are offered to senior actors and not to newcomers like me,” informs Kainaz…………

Kainaz might have had a easy cakewalk in the industry but she says that surviving in the glam world isn’t easy. She auditioned 200 times and feels that it is hard work, perseverance and patience that has helped her to get work.

A trained dancer with Shiamak Daver, Kainaz wants to show her dancing skills in future. “I don’t want to dance around trees but I want to dance in my coming films as I enjoy it,” says this Mumbai girl.

Kainaz also writes and her latest short story ‘Hope comes in small packages’ is recently published. “I love to write about things around me and on animals. I haven’t thought much about my autobiography but may be when I turn 60 I can write,” she laughs out.

With her kind of looks we are sure none of the guys have missed an opportunity to get hooked to her. “I am single but not ready to mingle. I have no time for guys at the moment. But I would want a guy who is courteous, good mannered and who respects people,” says Kainaz on a parting note.


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