Join Asho Zarathushtra for ever


Join Asho Zarathushtra,

and be part of a history!
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Do you want to remember a loved ones or give a valuable gift?
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We invite you to permanently make your mark on Zoroastrian history by participating
in the project that will forever link the past to the future: a well structured
university for Zarathushtra€ ¢â’ ’¹s religion.

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For a pledge of 85 dollars a month (for one

year) or $1000, Spenta will:

€ ¢Â·Â  Inscribe a
brick with either your name or the name of someone you would like to honor
(e.g., a family member, teacher, pastor or rabbi).

€ ¢Â·Â  Place your
brick, around Ashu Zarathushtra€ ¢â’ ’¹s picture, in the Donor Recognition Hall at the
main entrance € ¢Â hall of€ ¢Â  Spenta University .

€ ¢Â·Â  Send you an official
certificate of recognition

€ ¢Â

Your name carved in a brick will symbolize your commitment to help Ashu
Zarathushtra in promoting his divine message through higher education for

€ ¢Â

“Whoever is united with me I promise him the best through good mind, my
only riches.”

Gathas Song11 Stanza 18.

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Join Ashu Zarathushtra for ever, buy a brick: (click
here to order your brick)

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