Items Images Settings for Seven Seen Spread


Items and Settings for Seven Seen Spread

holy book and poetryHoly Book and Poetry:
During tahveel saal, people sitting around Seven seen spread, will read their favorite poems from their Hafiz poetry book or verses from their holy books of faith. Wild sour orange (Narenj) floating in a small bowl of water is a sign of earth rotating around itself. They say that at the time of tahveel saal, Narenj is spinning around itself as a sign of turn of a new year.

apple seven seen

Apple also known as Seeb is one of seens of Seven Seen Spread. Apple can be found in all different seasonal forms, tastes & colors. Red Apple represents natural beauty & health.

sprout seven seen
Wheat Sprout:

Wheat or Barley sprout is one of seens of Seven seen spread. It represents rebirth of nature, its fertility, and symbolizes the sign for the start of Spring.


vinegar seven seen

Vinegar is one of seens of Seven seen spread. it symbolizes old age and patience and the acceptance of goodwill and bearing of hardship.


garlic seven seen

Garlic also known as Seer is one of seens of Seven seen spread. Garlic cloves are representing medicinal approach to fight disease for better health and wellness.


sumac seven seen

Sumac also known as Soumagh is one of seens of Seven seen spread. Dried and granulated Sumac berries are dark lavender color. Sumac represents the color of dawn, before sunrise, and beginning of a new day.


wheat paste seven seenWheat Paste: 
One of the Seens is Samanoo of the Seven Seen table. It is made of wheat germ in a form of sweet paste, a very sophisticated Persian dish. It is a high calorie food with vitamin E. it represents strength and preparedness for new year.


Silver Berry seven seenSilver Berry:
Silver Berry or Senjed is one of the Seens of the Seven Seen Spread table. It is a sweet powdery dehydrated Silver berry or Oleaster fruit, grown mostly in Central Asia and most part of Iran. It is famous that under a Senjed tree one may fall in love and become oblivious. It symbolizes Love and passion for beauty.


mirror seven seenMirror:
Mirror is one of the complimentary but yet an essential item for the Seven Seen Spread table. Mirror is symbolizing the sky and a self reflection of creation, as one looks deep inside him/her self and the reflection shows inside the soul.


coins seven seenCoins:
Coins also known as Sekkeh is one of the complimentary settings of Seven Seen Spread, as coins made of Gold or Silver are symbolizing wealth and prosperity.


Fish bowl seven seenFish:
A Fish bowl with either one or two fishes is a complimentary settings for the Seven Seen Spead, Goldfish is the sign of last month in astral calendar and its turning inside the bowl reflect the turn of the year and its new beginning.


Candles seven seenCandles:
Candles is another complimentary settings of the Seven Seen Spread. Candles are candelabras are a symbol of fire and enlightenment. They represent the bringing of light and happiness to life.


Painted Eggs seven seenPainted Eggs:
Painted and colorful eggs are an additional settings of Seven Seen Spread. Eggs are the symbol of creation and fertility for both the couples. Painted eggs collected in a basket is a sign of a family gather together and are dressed up for a special occasion.


Hyacinth seven seenHyacinth:
Hyacinth is one of complimentary settings of Seven Seen Spread. Hyacinth flower is the sign of coming of Spring and it has the scent of heaven.



Final layout of Haft Seen also known as Seven Seen Spread.


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