Isfandgan Jashn Calendar new Month Ispand 3745z



Isfandgan Jashn


Isfandgan Jashn Calendar new Month Ispand 3745z 1

Woman,  Mother,  Earth and Love Day.

Isfandgan Jashn Calendar new Month Ispand 3745z 2

Spendarmazd day of Month Isfand (5th  of Isfand)

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From Mehr News Agency

TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) — The Esfandgan Feast, which is devoted to women
and mothers, is celebrated on Sepandarmaz Day in Esfand, the last month
of the Iranian calendar, to acknowledge the lofty status of mothers as
well as their kindness and self-sacrifice.
February 24, the fifth day of the ancient Iranian month of Esfand, is
the day of the Esfandgan celebrations.

In ancient Iranian culture, during the whole month, and especially on
this day, women were commemorated. It is regarded as the oldest
tradition of its kind in the world. In the Zoroastrian religion, the day
belongs to the Amesha Spenta Spandarmaz, the symbol of love and humility
in the spiritual world and the guardian of the earth in the material

In the ancient Iranian tradition, women set aside their household chores
and put that responsibility on the shoulders of their men for just one
day. The men were also supposed to present gifts to their women.

To mark the day, the family would wake up early, clean the house, and
celebrate the day by cooking ash (a kind of Iranian soup), to be served
with special Zoroastrian bread.


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