Iraq Alexanders Statue Letter to Khaleej Times


In response to a news report in the Khaleej Times

Keravala on another alias) about the Greeks wanting to install a statue of 
Alexander in Iraq (see link below)
and calling Alexander as the greatest military commander of all time, I 
wrote a brief Letter to their Editor as follows:

27 January 2009

Dear Editor,

Alexander was not the greatest military commander of all time. Scholars 
maintain that Cyrus the Great who founded the Persian empire in the sixth
century B.C., was the greatest military strategist and commander of those

Moreover, whereas Alexander was a ruthless military leader who massacred his 
enemies, Cyrus the Great was magnanimous to his defeated enemies and did not 
enslave anyone.

He was responsible for establishing the oldest known Human Rights Charter. A 
replica of the clay cylinder inscribed with Cyrus’s human rights 
declarations is on display in the United Nations building in New York (the 
original is in the British Museum).

Maneck Bhujwala
Huntington Beach, California, USA 


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