Iran to repair Iraq historic monuments



Iran to repair Iraq historic monuments 1

The Kasra Arch, one of the cultural heritage sites of the Persian Empire located in Iraq.

Iran has singed a cultural heritage and tourism agreement with Iraq to help the country repair its historic monuments and construct museums. 

The letter of agreement was inked by the visiting deputy head of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, Hamid Baqai, and the Iraqi official on Thursday. 

According to the contract, Iran will help Iraq construct special museums in the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf and reconstruct museums in Diwaniyah and Najaf provinces to keep Shia Imams’ treasures. 

The two sides also agreed to rebuild Najaf’s Wadi-al-Salaam, which is one of the largest cemeteries in the world. The cemetery holds the graves of many Prophets, and is located near the Shrine of the first Shia Imam, Imam Ali (AS). 

Iran will also help Iraq in restoration of the historic Kasra Arch (arch of Khosro). The arch, built during the Sasanids reign in Persia, has an arc spanning 5.25 m, with 48 m in depth and 37 m in height. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Iraq, but according to its guards, just around 100 people visit the monument in a day right now. 

Meanwhile, the two sides reached an agreement on religious tours to issue visas for about 5,000 tourists on a daily basis. 

The Iranian delegation left the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Friday


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