Iran National Cricket Team Nariman Bakhtiari

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Iran National Cricket Team Nariman Bakhtiari 1Nariman Bakhtiari Mobarake, a Zoroastrian athlete scored Asia’s 5th rank for Iran and stood as best national cricket player of Iran in one of the championship games of Asia.
Nariman is one of the national team cricket players from Iran.  He played recently, as member of our national team in the Asian championship games in Chiangmai, Thailand.  In a game with China national team, Iran scored 369 against China’s 69 and Nariman alone gained 120 from 369 for his team, and won the “best player of the game” rank.
The Asian cricket authorities will celebrate this success of Nariman and also Mohammad Baluchnejad, another successful player of this team, in a special ceremony.
Iran succeeded to gain 5th rank in the Asian cricket games, after winning over Maldiv in its last game.
Nariman just returned to Iran, says his wife.

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