India, Zoroastrian Youth Meeting, Report


India, Zoroastrian Youth Meeting, Report 1Over 250 youths participated in various events held at the 18th all-India Zoroastrian youth meet on Friday and Saturday. There were interaction-based games and orientation sessions.

“The aim of the meet was to get the Zoroastrian youth from across the country to meet and interact with each other,” said chairperson of the youth meet and president of Federation of Zoroastrian Youth Association (FOZYA) Mabrin Nanavatti. He added the religious as well as the non-religious sessions imparted education as well as acted as a facilitator for friendship building among the youth.

The interactive games were conducted on Friday by Zenia Vajifdar and Alborze Irani. It was followed by a session titled ‘the power within you’, which talked about intellectual motivation and introspection.

The World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce’s youth wing members had a presentation on business plan, competition and entrepreneurship. A delegation of Zoroastrians from Iran spoke about the situation of Zoroastrians in Iran.

“On Saturday, we had three sessions for the youth. Khojesteh Mistree, a scholar in Zoroastrian literature spoke on ‘Nature of death in Zoroastrians,'” said Nanavatti. Shazmin Limjerwala, a relationship expert, spoke about relationship management and Naushir Dadrawala talked about the contribution of youth towards Zoroastrianism.

After the interaction and educative sessions the Zoroastrian youth were treated with a live performance of the Rocky’s band on Friday at the Poonawala Stud Farm on the Pune-Solapur Road. On Saturday, the Jet Set Band entertained the audience to some live rock music.

“This is the second time that we are hosting this meet in Pune and the response has been outstanding,” said Nanavatti.The youths at an interactive session and (right) Khojesteh Mistree, a scholar in Zoroastrian literature speaks at the meet


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