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Following was a news article in the Business section of India West of Dec. 23, 2011, about a young Zarathushti, Varzan Patel (son of Thretun Patel of Mumbai, India) who won an Business Ethics Award from the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation.
India West
“RIT Student Quits E-Cigarettes, Wins Business Ethics Award

Varzan Patel, a 21-year-old finance student at E. Phillip Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, was among four students honored with scholarships by the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation at the 2011 Rochester Business Ethics Award ceremony.

Patel was honored Sept. 20 for saying no to the e-cigarette industry after buying a few boxes and selling them for a profit. When he told his father, he was rebuked : “My father asked me if this was how I wanted to make money, because in a world where we are trying to cure cancer, I would be distributing it,” Patel recounted.

Patel is currently developing a culinary food Web site “that lets you put in all the ingredients you have in your kitchen, and then pops out a recipe” He said the e-cigarettes business was a real learning curve as New York considers becoming the first state to ban electronic cigarettes amid debate surrounding their safety.

“During my speech at the Business Ethics Award I quoted Aristotle: “We do not act rightly because we have excellence, but we rather have excellence because we have acted rightly.” “

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electronic cigarettes india
8 years ago

I m not fully agree with it because any person can not stop smoking in a day. It take time so in that case if one is tranfering from the high damageble to law one which is E cig then its better.