If Death Occurs in The Gathas


If Death Occurs in The Gathas 1IF DEATH OCCURS IN THE GATHAS

As per tradition, we disregard the Gathas & count the 1st Gatha as Hormazd Roz & so on, Till the Last Gatha being Spendarmard Roz. But, I would like to differ, pointing out some discrepancies in this traditional Method.

1. We take the 1st Gatha as Hormazd Roz, but Hormazd Roz actually comes after the 5 Days, How can we Pre-pone the Roz. Our Calendar was made such!

2. My layman’s Logical knowledge puts it that we have a calendar of 360+5 days Gathas. Making it to 365 days. (Intercalation Forgotten!) So our Last Month was *made for 30+5 days added to make up for 365 days. *These 5 days were added after Many Calculations! (We cannot disregard them!) As there was no Roz Name left out, we put the Gatha Names for the 5 Extra days to Make up for the 365 days of the year. We have 12 months 30 days, Last 12 th Month having 35 days. To Make it to 365 days! (We cannot Disregard it.)

3. As there are no Roz names for the Gatha, I would suggest we take the 5 days of the Gathas into consideration (Not Disregard them) and count the Roz 30 days from when the death Occurred. E.g.- If it is the 1st Gatha, Corresponding to Monday 13th Aug. (as per Shenshahi Calendar) counting 30 days from it, (*Si =30, Roj= Day)* we get *Si-Roja* as *Roj Ashishvangh * Mah *Farvardin* Corresponding to 12th Sept & *Masiso* *Roj* *Ashtad.* If it is the last Gatha, Corresponding to 17th Aug; the *Siroja* would be *Roj*
*Marespand *Mah *Farvardin* Corresponding to 16th & *Masiso* would be *Roj Aneran*corresponding to 17 th.

4. And thus counting 30 days (Logically) for every Month. (Not Disregarding the Gathas) Hence the Roj Every Month. Should be *Aneran *(Death on the Last Roj of the Month, – Last Gatha!) calculating 30 days from the day of death! (Masiso also being on Aneran Roj!) Or if it were 1st Gatha, Roj every month would be *Ashtad.*

5. If we disregard the Gathas (Cannot Logically) and keep Spendarmard Roj for Last Gatha, The dates which normally should differ 1or2
days, differs for 5-6 days! As Spendarmard in Sept would be 22nd (Aneran 17th – Death on 17th) In Nov., it would be 21st (Aneran 16th – Death on 17th) Hence, the dates too do not correspond near to the death day!

6. If death had occurred on Leap Year, as Per Fasli Calendar on Roz-E-Vizag, which comes up every 4 years. (Made up, to keep 21st March as Navroze!) Then how would one count the Roj (Once again we cannot disregard the Roj. It was Meant to be there!)

Thus my contention is, 1.) We cannot disregard the Gatha days & count the 1st Gatha as Hormazd Roz 2.) The Last month was made to be of 35 days to make up for 365 days we cannot disregard that! 3.) We have to count the 5 Gatha days & the best way would be as per Point 3 & 4 above. All month days would be as per Masiso & Chhamsi days. (No ambiguity! – One Month From the day of Death & every Month the same day.


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