Houston Exhibition of Paintings Jimmy Engineer



On cable TV channel “TVAsia” in their Monday, February 16, 

2009 show “Community Roundup”, Pakistan’s famous and accomplished 
Zarathushti (Zoroastrian) artist, Mr. Jimmy Engineer, was shown being 
briefly interviewed on the occasion of an exhibition of his paintings in
Houston, Texas. Some of his paintings were also pictured in the TV show.

The exhibition was titled “Ideology of Peace” and was held from February 
3 – 14, 2009 at the Shangri La art gallery in Houston, Texas. Jimmy Engineer 
is considered as a messenger of peace and was appointed by the Mayor of 
Houston, Bill White as a Honorary Citizen and a Goodwill Ambassador for the 
City of Houston.

The Consul-General of Pakistan, attended the exhibition and gave a welcome 
address. Jimmy is known as a humanist whose paintings include those showing 
different architectures expressing harmony. Jimmy’s paintings are 
permanently on display in Pakistan’s art gallery besides being in private 
collections and museums in many countries aroud the world, and many postage 
stamps of his paintings have been released in Pakistan.

The following profile (see below) of Mr. Jimmy Engineer is given on his 
website www.jimmyengineer.com:
We Zarathushtis are proud of you, Jimmy !

Posted by: “Maneck Bhujwala” Maneck Bhujwala


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