Herodotus, and the Parsis at Thermopylae – THE NEws


Herodotus, and the Parsis at Thermopylae - THE NEws 1In 480 BC, Persia’s emperor Xerxes attacked and defeated Greece. He bridged the Hellespont, the slim neck between Europe and Asia now called the Dardanelles, and marched his army of Iraqis, Iranians, Egyptians and Indians across to Macedonia and then south into Greece. Most Greek states on his path surrendered to him. Sparta lost one skirmish against his army and then refused to fight. The people of Athens abandoned their city to Xerxes and fled to an island in the south called Salamis.


  1. Hail the Parsis. I hardly see any difference between Parsis and the native people, we are of the same stock, it is said that our religions have the same roots. I wish all minorities in India were like the Parsis. The author is wrong on one count though, native Indians also defeated the Europeans. 150 years after the victory of Xerxes Chandragupta Maurya imposed a crushing defeat on Seleucus Nicator, the most powerful Macedonian general. Alexander’s troops were so petrified of fighting the Magadha empire after having witnessed how such a miniscule force of Puroshottama (Porus) handed them a phyrrihic victory, that they revolted and vowed to return.


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