Happy Navroze Blessings


What a Wonderful World It Would Be”!
If we were to follow
Which preaches to
Think Good Thoughts
Speak Good Words
And do Good Deeds
Without any string attached
Or asking for permission
“What a wonderful world it would be”!!

What a hoopla we all made
To view the Cyrus Cylinder
I wonder if the message did sink in
How many of us decided
To break free from “bondage”
If ever one did
“What a wonderful world it would be”!!

Why should one be stifled or silenced
‘Cause one is “Born Free”
Obey the Rules where there are none
If one were to use one’s
Power of Reasoning
“What wonderful world it would be”!

It’s time for a change
To veer from the Path
That is destroying our religion
As well our dividing our community
So Please for Heaven Sake:
Restore the Pristine Message
The way it is supposed to be preached
I am sure:
“What a wonderful world it will be”!

Happy Navroz

Choicest Blessings


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