Grand achievement award from Zoroastrian Anjuman to our honored community well-wishers


Tehran Zoroastrian Anjuman, announced the 3 fellow of the community as honored members, and organized a grand gathering in tribute to their handwork and support to the society as well-wishers and represent ivies and granted them achievement rewards.

 On Sunday evening, 1st Feb 09, the Zoroastrian anjuman held this gathering in Khusravi Hall of Tehran, and honored Ms. Turan Shahryari, layer and great Zoroastrian poet, Mr. Buzarjumehr Mehr, Doctor and ex-representative of Zoroastrian community in parliament, and Mr. Parviz Shahryari, Mathematic professor, as memorable faces of our society. 
At the beginning of this event, Mr. Khusraviyani, the Chairman of Tehran Zoroastrian Anjuman made a speech, showing his highs gratitude to them by saying “They are the people who have contributed to our society and have proven to us and God a loyal Zoroastrian, and have powered our existence in the world.”
He added “Each Zoroastrian have to learn from our seniors of how to remain a memorable face of the community and it does not make a difference, where and in which situation they live or work, the importance is to help and support the community.”
In continuance of the event, all the honored members spoke their thoughts about how the fellow Zoroastrians need to contribute and work together to make the togetherness more powerful and recognizable to the world. 
At the end Mr. Ekhtiyari, the running representative of Zoroastrian community in Iranian parliament, reminded that these memorable faces are like carved diamonds and where ever they step, they just don’t show their appearance but also carry the society’s loyal respect and culture along them. Our community is recognized so honerly in the world, because of their handwork and effort. They our honored, because they contributed part of their own lives to grow and standardize our society and this is what we all need to learn and use in our lives.
This grand gathering was planed on the basis of the 30th anniversary of Iranian reveltution.


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