Germany to host 3rd Iran history fair history of iran

Germany to host 3rd Iran history fair history of iran 1

Germany is slated to host an exhibition which will be held in 2011 to display museum items relating to the history of Iran. 

“All the arrangements have been made to hold the exhibition in one of the biggest museums in Germany in 2011,” the curator of Iran’s National Museum, Mohammad Reza Mehrandish, said on Saturday. 

“Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization has held several exhibitions in the past few years in various countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Britain, Japan, Mexico, South Korea,” he added. 

According to Mehrandish, Iran has so far held two historical exhibitions in Germany. 

The first exhibition was held in Bochum in 2004 to display 533 Iranian historical items. Germany hosted the second exhibition in 2005 when Iran displayed three items in Genghis Khan Exhibition. 

Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations with historic urban settlements dating back to 5000 BCE.


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