Gandhara Pakistan Achaemenian Parthian Zarathushti fire temple

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Ancient relics from Achaemenian and Parthian times and a Zarathushti fire temple were found in the city of Gandhara in Pakistan. The following is an relevant excerpt from a Dawn newspaper article (link previously posted by Mr. Kerawalla on another alias):

Notable sites included Bhir Mound, described as the first city of Taxila, founded in 600BC by the Achaemenians, Sirkap, which featured both Buddhist and Jain temples as well as Sirsukh, the ‘third capital of Taxila’, founded by Kushan ruler, Kanishka.
Interestingly, the remains of a Zoroastrian fire temple were shown from Jandial, said to have been built by the Indo-Parthians

The link for the Dawn article “The Glory of Gandhara” is:

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