Flat lure for Parsi youths to marry


Ahmedabad: Now, this is one reality bait that realty-savvy Parsis will not be able to ignore! Surat Parsi Panchayat has neatly packaged its ulterior designs of encouraging young Parsis to get hitched in a ‘get married and step into your own home’ realty deal. It is allotting flats to newlyweds and that too seven days before their marriage. That’s not it. If need be, they will also be given other benefits.“This step has been taken so that new couples get assurance of a home before marriage. It has happened in the past that marriages have got postponed due to delay in flat allotment. They can enjoy their honeymoon in their own house with all privacy needed,” says Darayas Master, president, Surat Parsi Panchayat.Surat Parsi Panchayat was the first to initiate a scheme of giving flats to newlywed couples. Due to this effort, Parsi population in the city grew by 6%. Panchayat plans to continue with this scheme so that their community grows in size. Till now, 40 couples have been allotted flats by the panchayat.According to Master, at least seven couples are in queue for getting flats and there are many more who are planning to get married in next 2-3 years. To meet the demand, the panchayat is constructing 20 flats near Parsi General Hospital in Shahpore.The initiative of Surat Parsi Panchayat has changed lives of many young Parsis in Surat. “Working as a sales executive, you can’t afford to rent a house in a city like Surat. After marriage one has to bear numerous expenses. When my parents learnt about the scheme, they immediately approached the panchayat and arranged a flat for me. Now I am enjoying married life,” says Cyrus Sethana, a newlywed Parsi.


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