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FEZANA UN-NGO : Press Release – CSW 59

 FEZANA United Nations NGO
The attached press release for your review,  as we prepare to present the Zarathushti Workshop and Panel Discussion at the United Nations on 16 March 2015 from FEZANA at the  59th Commission on the Status of Women in New York.
The content from this press release is also posted  for easy access on the Fezana website:  www.fezana.org .
We need help in sharing this news with your local newspapers and media outlets in North America and elsewhere,  (implementation of  FEZANA’s strategic goal of telling others who we are), and more importantly  in sharing the message:  “Womens’ Rights are Human Rights” with the civil society where we live.
To illustrate, an example of such a media report  from the  The Sun News and Myrtle Beach Times, which came from efforts by Freyaz Shroff actively intereacting with the newsmedia after an earlier   FEZANA UN-NGO press release,  is appended hereunder for your perusal::
Thanks to all for your continued co-operation in sharing news from the FEZANA UN-NGO committee and specially in supporting our Zarathushti youth as they make thier presentations on Global Fora, and learn to engage and network as global citizens.
Behram Pastakia
Metopolitan Washington DC
15 February 2015


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