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Dear all,

I can attest to the fact that Mrs Aloo Batliwalla, Ratu Dastur’s Mum was a fantastic cook – she looked after our school’s tuckshop – and I can still salivate over her potatoe-chutney balls, her sev puri and her kheema, which was out of this world.  Her food was fresh, wholesome and perfectly tasty – if it hadn’t been she wouldn’t have lasted long at The Alex.  Naturally Ratu was also an alumnus and one of my Mum’s pupils and we still recognise each other whenever we meet, in spite of the long distance in time from our days at school.

So if Feroze wanted rumble timble eggs after fried fish at The Taj, I am not at all surprised.

At the TV footage of Rajiv’s funeral ceremony you can see Ratu’s husband, Dara Dastur in the front, dressed in Parsi dagli etc.

All these shocking attempts by vested interests to make him out to be a Muslim are absolutely ridiculous and vicious attacks by political opponents.  I am glad we all have been given a chance to read all this and I hope now the utter nonsense will stop for good.


  1. Dear All,
    I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me get a copy of the late Mr. Feroze Gandhi’s birth certificate. This is for a publication to mark his 100th birth anniversary this year. I also wrote an article last year in the Outlook magazine.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Yusuf Ansari
    My email address is yusufpur@hotmail.com


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