Esfandgan Festival, Avestan Womenhood


Esfandgan Festival, Avestan Womenhood

Esfandgan Festival, Avestan Womenhood 1It is creditable that the Tehran Mobed Association has drawn attention to this traditionally auspicious day – Asfandarmad Ruz of Asfandarmad Mah – marked for the felicitation of women in ancient Iranian society for the silent sacrifices Avestan women have given to the keep house and community in a safely integrated and orderly way.
Indeed, it was, like so many other social customs and civil and civic established order of the Achaemenian and Sassanian times, that this day was usurped as Mothers’ Day in the post-Roman occupied European Societies.

Our deep respects to

Tehran Mobed Association and to

Rowshan Lohrasbpour for the translation.

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on CAIS – The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (the School of Asian and African Studies, University of London)


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