Dubai, 5th Round Table


    “Connect, Collaborate, Create”
    December 2009, Dubai, UAE

    All interested persons, especially those in leadership positions from India, Iran and the Western Diaspora – UK, North America, Australia/New Zealand, Far East, Middle East and around the world, are invited and encouraged, to participate in the Coming Together Roundtable sessions during the Congress in Dubai this December.

    Session 1: Sunday, December 27, 2009, from 9 am to 3 pm at the Crowne Plaza hotel.
    Session 2: Wed Dec 30th, 10 am to 11:00 am at the Crowne Plaza, Room 3.
    Session 3: Thursday Dec 31st, 8:30 to 9:30 am at the Crowne Plaza, Room 1

    The organizing committee of the World Zoroastrian Congress has requested that the Roundtable develop five goals. Through our deliberations, we will first select and prioritize our items for discussion, and develop these five goals.

    Engaging the Apex organizations in dialogue and action
    Resolution by apex bodies to embrace the MOU and to come together to work together
    BPP to hold a convention of all Zarathushti organizations worldwide annually.
    Network of Zoroastrian Organizations – Jehangir Sarosh.
    Community Technology Platform – Eric Engineer
    Establishing levels of communication worldwide — Yazdi Tantra

    A look at our worldwide Zarathushti demographics and diaspora
    Future Directions for the Next Generation — Jim Engineer
    Concerns of Iranian Youth — Behnam Firoozfard and Parto Kavoosian
    Breast cancer (mammographic facilities in Mumbai) – Behram Pastakia
    Community Health Care, Venture Capital, Dharamshallas – Khodayar Attaie

    Hospitality center for Zarathushtis visiting Mumbai
    Building a facility with continuously burning fire in the West.

    Understanding our Zarathushti Identity worldwide
    Zarathushti Diaspora -duties, rights and privileges.
    Finalization of the Code of Conduct.

    Creating an environment for priests to come together worldwide
    What services would Behdins like priests to provide and what are Behdins prepared to
    provide for the priests.
    Protection of Mobeds from fire hazards

    Humanitarian / Educational
    Set up of an All India Interfaith Organization
    Set up a Dadahbhoi Naoroji Library or any institution in Delhi
    Start a Zarathushti school or any institution of learning in the West.

    Genesis of the RoundTable. From the centers in Iran, India and Pakistan our community has now redistributed itself to the far corners of the world. In order that we perpetuate and survive as a worldwide “Community Without Borders” we must connect and collaborate with each other. We are also blessed with a multitude of organizations both local and global. While we certainly do not need more organizations we must find ways to communicate and collaborate among them. The RoundTable offers this opportunity. Thus far we have been successful in providing a forum for individuals and organizations to Come Together once each year since the time it was first launched at the 2005 World Congress in London by the then president of ZTFE Mr. Dorab Mistry. An important aspect of the Roundtable yet to be fulfilled is joint action for it is joint action that brings people together; it is said that Dialogue brings minds together and Action brings hearts together.

    It is this vein that we seek your participation, particularly the organizational heads worldwide, to dialogue, discourse and most importantly to joint action.

    Visit Congress website www.wzcongress. org or www.zoroastrians .net, (“Round Table” tab) maintained by Yazdi Tantra of On-Lyne Systems (Yazdi@onlyne. com) or contact administrator Percis Dubash (pdubash1@gmail. com) or coordinator Rohinton Rivetna (Rivetna@aol. com).


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