Dr. Mehrbanoo Bakhtiary Expired


Dr. Mehrbanoo Bakhtiary Expired 1Dr. Mehrbanoo Bakhtiary, as known popularly, was an ardent Community and Social worker. She was a very active member of the Sazeman e Zanan (Women’s Council) and led the Foreign Relations as well as the Youth’s Affairs Committee of that organization. She was amongst the Authorized Translators for the 6th World Zoroastrian Congress, held in Tehran, and took active part in the London and Dubai WZCongrsses. She represented our Community at U N related affairs in Geneva and in New York. She took active part in the Candidature Filing for the Universal Recognition of Nowrooz at the UNESCO. She is known for her charity, especially to needy children.

She passed away on 5th March. Her Porse Ceremony will be held at the Iraj Hall, Tehran, on Friday 19th March, 10-10AM.

She is survived by her husband, the well-known Surgeon, Dr. Iranpur Bustani and children Hooman and Navaz.


  1. adat mahana namonazam bash a chakar bayad kard hormon baray tapash ghalb bad nest az cha sane yasage shoroa mesha mala man moratab bood ya dafa ghat shoda


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