Dr. Houshang Khatibi Scholarship


The “Dr. Houshang Khatibi Scholarship” awards $1,000 each to 15 deserving Zoroastrian
applicants residing in the USA who are in pursuit of higher education and have shown or are willing to show commitment to the Zoroastrian community. This application must be filled out completely, submitted only by mail, and be post marked by July 31, 2018. Late applications are Not accepted. Applicant must be a full time student at an accredited US college or university.

Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received this award twice.

Applicant Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
City: _________________________ State: _____________ Zip Code: ____________
E-mail: __________________ Telephone: ________________ Cell: ______________
Name of University: ___________________ Major: ___________________________
Overall Grade point average (GPA): _______________________________________
Class level____________________ University location _______________________

Please answer all of the following in form of an essay (maximum of 1000 words):
 Provide a personal statement briefly describing yourself and your family.
 Why should you receive this award?
 What are your career goals?
 Describe how you intend to apply the education you receive in helping to make this world
a better place?
 Describe your financial need
 The Zoroastrian Community needs our youth to be involved in the Community. Describe
any contribution you have made to the Zoroastrian community or are planning to do for
Zoroastrian community.
 Describe a recent instance in which you helped someone else. Describe the individual’s
relationship to you (e.g., friend, sibling, stranger, etc.) and what you did to help. You may
include volunteer activities.
 If next year this scholarship offered again, what would you do this year for the Zoroastrian
Community to be eligible for next year’s scholarship?
Transcript: Attach a copy of your current transcript. Unofficial/internet copies are acceptable.
SIGNATURE: ___________________________ DATE: ________________________
Please mail this application, essay, transcripts, and all supporting documents in one package to:
California Zoroastrian Center
c/o Dr. Houshang Khatibi Scholarship
8952 Hazard Ave,
Westminster, CA 92683
* For specific inquiries email us at khatibischolarship@gmail.com
* Please Do Not email your application
* If selected, the scholarship fund may be given to the institution directly
* All information will be kept confidential
* Scholarship recipients’ names will be announced publicly


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