dhansak parsi food from parsi kitchens


The Bombay duck, dhansak at Jamvaa Chalo Ji bring back memories of homey Parsi food

AUTHENTIC TASTES Chef Mazdiyar Surti gets it all right, having grown up in a Parsi family

Growing up with Parsi neighbours I knew about dhansak and Navroze in several forgotten memories I had collected. The ITC Windsor has organised “Jamvaa Chalo Ji”, a Parsi food festival, helmed by Chef Mazdiyar Surti. “I am actually a coffee shop chef but I grew up in a Parsi family and watched my mother and grandmother cooking traditional Parsi food, which is how I know so much about the cuisine and how it is done,” explains Chef Mazzy proving you can never shake off what you have grown up with.


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