Darius Karani Practising Zoroastrian


Darius Karani Practising Zoroastrian 1Only at the end of the interview does Indian New Zealander Darius Karani reveal this surprising fact: Auckland boasts the third-highest population of practising Zoroastrians in the world, outside Iran.

And in recent times, adds Karani, a sizeable proportion of India’s Zoroastrian population migrated to New Zealand.

Zoroastrians boast a strong tradition of creating successful businesses, and in 2008 Karani bought the global distribution rights to Koura Bay wines.

He then created his own company, Exotica Enterprise, and began exporting award-winning Marlborough pinot gris, pinot noir and sauvignon blanc under the Exotica label, primarily to India and Southeast Asia.

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Courtesy : Murad Currawalla


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