Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign book


Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign

By Sam Kerr

Paperback, 334 Pages

Cyrus the Great - Celestial Sovereign

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Cyrus the Great lived 599-529 BCE and ruled 559-529 BCE. The book is a fictionalized historical biography in a chronological order, inferring from the Old Testament and other legitimate sources in the search for valid clues, including a study into the nature of a wide variety of peoples, their cultures, habits, inclinations, manner of speaking and way of life of ancient times.

The original Avestan, Old Iranian, Hebrew and Semitic names, assisted by Greek, Latin and Vedic equivalents in the foot-notes have been retained.

The addition of fictional material was done with a hope to place emphasis on his humanitarian facets, which changed the prevailing chaotic way of life to a new ‘World Order’ in the, then, known Classical World.

He was the first in documented history to be titled ‘The Great’.


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