Couple Seeks Zoroastrian Egg-donor


A very loved, respected and well-placed married couple in our North American Zoroastrian community is seeking help in their search to have a child.
They will be eternally grateful and are offering remuneration to a Parsi / Zoroastrian egg-donor to make their dreams of having and caring for a child, come true.

We can rest assured that this child will be deeply loved and become a valued addition to our Zoroastrian community.

The couple is working with The Diamond Institute (a fertility and women’s health center). The Institute is on the East Coast, but the donor can be in any location. Please visit the couple’s website at to read more about this appeal and how you can help.  In the best interests of all parties concerned, strict anonymity will be maintained.


    • Dear Kainaz

      We are also a Zoroastrian family in need of donor eggs – if you have already donated could you please provide the name of the doctor who could possibly have some frozen eggs – thanks

  1. My husband and I are a Parsi couple in the diaspora who have been trying in vain to have a child for many years. After many failed IVF attempts, egg donation is our only hope. We’re hoping to try egg donation at a clinic in India.

    Yet no clinics have Parsi egg donors on their lists. We don’t know if it’s because they haven’t bothered trying (they might assume that because many Parsis are “educated” they wouldn’t want to donate). But because most Parsis know we need to procreate, wouldn’t that be a reason to altruistically help others?

    For us, it’s important to feel a genetic link with our child. Luckily for Parsis, there might be a chance that we’re vaguely related to a donor.

    But what can we do to increase awareness amongst Parsis that egg (or sperm) donation is a respected way to help our community’s decline? It’s truly a noble cause.


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