Computer game on Shahnameh stories now available in Iran

First Iranian national computer game “The Age of Heroes” with the central theme of stories from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh is now available throughout Iran.



The Ferdowsi Foundation proposed the initial concept and Iran’s Modern Industry Centerproduced the game. 


The game, produced in the action genre by Iranian experts, revives the Iranian culture and traditions of championship with the help of good deeds and decency.


The locations and the environment of the game are based on Iran’s culture, geography and climate, featuring its epic music and Persian characters in traditional costumes situated in Persian historical monuments.


Over ninety legendary figures based on Shahnameh’s stories are designed into this game. The main story happens in nine legendary lands including Sistan, Sarsabz, Kuhestan, and Atashfeshani.


The user must make use of various kinds of weaponry to fight against the evil characters of the story in order to learn the secret of invulnerability.


The other tales and characters in this game are derived from Shahnameh’s characters such as Arash, Siavash, Fereidun, Kaveh, Esfandiar, Rustam, and Zal.


The Ferdowsi Foundation plans to introduce the game “The Age of Heroes” as an Iranian cultural production among other Persian speaking countries.


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