California 12th NA Youth Congress 1-5July 2009


ZYNA Announces 12th North American Youth Congress

ZYNA Co-Chairs are happy to announce the 12th North American Zoroastrian
Youth Congress from July 1-5 2009, in Fremont California. This amazing
congress is titled:

“GENERATION Z—It’s Up to Us to Lead the
Way—Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.†

Yes, you read it right—July 2009! We have received a very good
feedback and response from youth who we have spoken to and now request
your support to spread the word in your local association, and encourage
your youth to attend the congress in large numbers.

We have tried to make this congress most economical with low hotel rooms
rates of US$64 per night (for up to 4 people in a room), and low
congress registration of US$250/- for all days (includes Celebration of
Canada Day 1st July and Celebration of US Independence Day 4th July with
special entertainment, dinner & dance, day-trip to San Francisco, Youth
Speakers and Workshops) for all Zoroastrian’s 18 — 40
years (Persian and Parsi). All Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included.

Hoping you will all spread the congress message. Registration for Early
Bird starts February 15, 2009. New Web site and more information will


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