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    Dear ZAGBA Community, Guests of the 25th Anniversary Gala, Esteemed Mobeds,

    we approach the time when we celebrate thanksgiving, it
    seems appropriate to give a special thanks for the hard work of our
    community over the past year in planning and executing ZAGBA’s 25th
    Anniversary events and projects, and the tremendous dedication of our
    team leaders, project leaders, and volunteers for the Gala Celebration.

    July 25th, 2009 is a date the ZAGBA
    community will be talking about for a long time as we hosted our largest and most ambitious event to date. Children will
    look back and remember how their practices for their many vocal and
    dance performances paid off with colorful musical experiences that were
    enjoyed not just by their parents, but an audience of 250 people! Fashion show participants will
    recall the exquisite outfits they created, borrowed, and modeled for
    the spectacular (and fun!) showcase of traditional clothing.
    Natak performers will
    think back to their weekly rehearsals and revel in the knowledge that
    they put on an GREAT show with characters and lines that continue to be
    imitated and repeated! Mobeds will
    recollect the experience of praying simultaneously with 25 other mobeds
    from all over the northeast and Canada (with only a minor smoke alarm
    incident) setting a record for New England.Technical and talented experts will realize that their expertise and skills helped create a highly professional show.
    Collectors of the
    commemorative silver coin, community cookbook, ZAGBA shirts/fleece
    jackets, and program book will use these as reminders of this special
    time in our community’s history.

    Contributors to
    ZAGBA’s 25th Anniversary Fund will recognize that their generous
    donations will help inspire others and support ZAGBA’s future activities and projects.And readers of Parsiana (Oct 7, 2009) and FEZANA Journal
    (Fall/September 2009) will learn about this very special event through
    articles and photographs.
    ZAGBA Board and the 25th Anniversary Team is very grateful to everyone
    who helped make the 25th Anniversary Celebration a success. From the
    participants and team leads of: the jashan, fashion
    show, performances of song and dance and skits, the natak play, the
    slideshow and all other aspects of the Gala Celebration and projects, to
    volunteers, guests, hosts, fundraisers and donors, this
    was an incredible effort by the community and beyond!

    has just received the final versions of 3 edited video DVDs and a photo
    DVD from the
    July 25th Gala events from our professional photographer/videographer.
    The board would like to make these available
    to all who are interested in this keepsake remembrance of the Gala
    Members of the community, guests of the event, and
    all friends are requested to make a payment of $25 for this set ($15 of
    this payment is tax deductible and will go toward ZAGBA’s
    Charity/Philanthropy Fund). If you would like to order more than 1 set,
    additional copies are available to you at cost ($10); however with the
    additional orders, there is no tax deduction or proceeds toward the
    charity fund.

    This bundled set includes a Photo DVD with about 800 photographs AND three video DVDs (DVD 1: Jashan, thanking Mobeds, acknowledging Past Presidents; DVD 2: Fashion Show, Musical Performances and Slideshows; DVD 3: Natak Play, Dancing, Food, and Magic Show).

    If you are interested in placing an order for this bundled set, please send an email to
    with your request by Sunday, Nov. 29th. Those attending ZAGBA’s Holiday Dinner
    event on Dec 5th, can pick up and pay for their ordered
    copies at the event. For those who require their set to be sent to
    them within the US, please include your full mailing address and add $5 to
    mailing costs. Postage for mailing outside of US will be charged at
    cost. Checks should be made out to ZAGBA and mailed to Aspiyan Gazder,
    91 Old Billerica Road, Bedford, MA 01730.

    Please share this email with your 25th anniversary guests, interested friends, and family.

    For those who are interested in purchasing:
    a) ZAGBA t-shirts ($10),

    b) ZAGBA Silver Commemorative coins ($25), or
    c) any of 3 publications:
    ZAGNY’s The Good Life; FEZANA’s The Legacy of Zarathushtra Book; and FEZANA’s
    The Zoroastrian Connection with Judaism and Christianity ($10
    numbers of all these will be available for sale at the Dec 5th
    Holiday Dinner event OR if you have any questions or want to place an order for these, please send an
    email to

    Once again, a special thanks to all,

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Jamshed, Firoza, Aspiyan, Maharukh and Hufrish

    ZAGBA Board ’08-’10

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