Boston, Election, 2010


Dear ZAGBA Community,

Most of the individuals on the current ZAGBA Board have served two
terms and would like to help facilitate a smooth transition to a NEW
board in March 2010.

In order to plan for that, the board is
asking all those who might be interested in any of the FIVE board
positions (President, Vice President Treasurer, Secretary, Joint
Secretary) to please indicate their interest (whether slight or strong)
by replying to this email so that the current board can help advise,
describe responsibilities, and coordinate so that these individuals can
participate in board meetings and relevant email communications for the
next few months, develop a greater understanding of roles and
functions, and participate in the election for the next board on March
20, 2010 at the Noruz/Navroze function.

We thank you for your interest and for recognizing that the
continuing success of ZAGBA depends on volunteers and those willing to
step forward to serve the community.

All the best,
Jamshed, Firoza, Aspiyan, Maharukh, and Hufrish


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