Book, “City of Thieves”,Cyrus Mewawalla

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Cyrus Mewawalla recently published his first novel, “City of Thieves”.
The first edition is now sold out with over 6,000 copies sold in over 19
countries and widespread critical acclaim.

“City of Thieves” is a page-turning financial thriller published
in hardback in the UK by Little, Brown Book Group on 2 July 2009. In its
first 3 months, it has already sold over 6,000 copies in 19 countries.
As a result of the book’s success, Cyrus has been invited to join
The Curzon Group of British Thriller Writers, whose patron is Jeffrey
Archer. The paperback will come out in May 2010. French, Dutch and
Chinese translations of the book will also be released then. The book
has received excellent reviews, a selection of which are listed on the
official author website .

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Lekisha Mazariegos
Lekisha Mazariegos
11 years ago

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11 years ago

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