Bollywood,Two Zarathushti Leading Actors


Two Indian movies released recently, have Zarathushti actors
in leading roles.

In the movie Yeh Mera India, which is a realistic social movie (practically
no songs), we have Perizaad Zorabian who plays the role of a director of TV
serials being shot at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai. I would recommend this
movie for serious movie fans.

This movie shows the many problems and corruption as well as the stereotypes
of Muslims and Hindus mutually held by many people in each group that fuel
discrimination and hatred of each other leading to occasional communal
violence. It also shows hope, like when such hatred melts when individuals
see acts of kindness being done by members of each group towards each other
across religious divides. In one dialogue, when a Muslim man overhears a
group at a restaurant watching TV coverage of terrorism remarking that all
terrorists are Muslims, he tells them that the Nazis who killed millions of
Jews, those who killed Rajiv Gandhi and others in Sri Lanka, Serbs who
killed others in Bosnia, etc. were not Muslims.

In the movie Sikandar, Zarathushti actor Parzun Dastur plays a leading role.
I have not seen this movie yet.

Maneck Bhujwala


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