Blood Hound and the Holy Trail

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Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say
Andy Stanley
I am not a
Blood hound
On anybody’s trail
When the messages
Get turned inside out
And the Truth is
Not revealed
That’s mere
Utter sacrilege.
Preventing people to
Follow their Faith
Denying them the right
As well Issuing Fatwas
As though being  nominated to
Guard the Heavenly Gates.
None of us are Pure Blooded
Keep that in mind
So set one`s priorities straight
And work for the benefit of Humankind
Life around world is
Full of woe & weal
Not a single day
Passes by without
Having to deal
With abuse mistreatment
Of human beings
So get involved
And get your hands dirty
Show the world that
That to follow Zoroastriasm
Is really worthy
Choicest Happiness


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Farida B
2 years ago

I am searching for the on line Parsi Fire Temple Picture I couldn’t find it. Would appreciate some help