Batmobile in India Pune


Images of a Batmobile being driven around on the streets of Pune went viral on social media

For all of you, who have been wondering if Batman has migrated to Pune after seeing the Batmobile patrol the streets of Pune, we at The Golden Sparrow have been at it to bring to you the owner of the Batmobile! The machine is a gift from a father to his son! Yes, you heard right. Adar Poonawalla, 34-year-old CEO and Executive Director of Serum Institute of India Ltd, has been the man behind the Batmobile. He and his five-year-old son Cyrus dressed in Batman costume took the vehicle for a spin last Sunday. The Batmobile was a surprise gift for Cyrus from Adar. Traffic came to a standstill as everybody got busy, clicking pictures and admiring the car.

Batmobile in India

It was some time back that Cyrus asked his father if Batman was for real and if he truly existed. He also asked if the Batmobile was for real. Being a man who loves his cars, Adar decided to make the Batmobile come true for his dreamy-eyed son. Insiders reveal that the billionaire discussed the idea with a Mumbai-based vehicle customisation expert, who was more than happy to oblige.

“Adar had spotted a similar looking car in Dubai at an auto show. However, the car was exorbitantly priced which only encouraged him and the customisation expert to create the machine themselves,” said a source close to the Poonawallas.


Work on the Poonawalla Batmobile began eight months ago. An S-Class Mercedes was used to create the vehicle. “This car has been conceptualised to look exactly like the Batmobile and that itself is an onerous task. The base machine was completely stripped to make way for the one with wings and style exactly like the Batmobile. All we know that it got created in phases and its parts manufactured with precision by Adar’s trusted person and finally assembled in Mumbai. The rest, Adar says, is a gift for his son and the secrets are not to be revealed,” said another friend close to this family.

The vehicle was transported to Pune two weeks ago, just in time for Cyrus’ birthday. Even on its way to the city, mounted atop a truck, via Mumbai-Pune highway, it managed to attract the attention of a whole lot of motorists.

When TGS contacted Adar, he said that the vehicle was a result of his son’s imagination. “It is made on an S-Class chassis, longer than a Rolls-Royce Phantom two-seater, and has been created as a result of my son’s imagination. I think it is an example to everyone, including myself, that we are limited only by our imagination. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the will to see it through.”
Sure Adar, inspiration indeed, it is.

About Adar Poonawalla
Adar, 34, is CEO and Executive Director of Serum Institute of India Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of vaccine in the world. His father Dr Cyrus S Poonawalla, Chairman and Managing Director of the company has managed to create a Rs 4,000 crore empire over the years.

Adar went to St Edmund’s School, Canterbury, from the age of 10 and later went on to do his bachelors from the University of Westminster. He returned to Pune at the age of 21 and ever since has been helping his father with the company.


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