Authentic Parsi embroidery items



The Parzor Foundation for Preservation of Vulnerable Human Heritage, initiated through the Unesco Parzor Project, has since 1999, undertaken research in various fields, working towards the Promotion and Preservation of Parsi Zoroastrian heritage and culture.  Recently you may have heard of our work on Jiyo Parsi, the unique initiative to try and slow down the decline of Parsi population in India.

Authentic Parsi embroidery items

Please find enclosed the new catalogue of beautiful items produced by Parzor Foundation.. The items available in this catalogue are based on authentic Parsi motifs, designs and colours, and aim at making the unique art of Parsi Embroidery (also known as gara embroidery) available on a range of products for you.  They make excellent and unique gifts too. All proceeds go only towards furthering the research objectives of Parzor.

Please do refer to the attached Parzor catalogue and contact me on this email to order . Do pass on this message too to help us preserve a unique heritage of humanity.

parzor catalogue combined Feb 2015

Thank you very much for your support.


Do visit for more information about the many projects undertaken by Parzor.


Warm Regards

Dr (Mrs) Niloufer Shroff

Parzor Foundation

New Delhi



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