Anniversary of Propounding of Asho Zarathushtra’s Teachings


Anniversary of Propounding of Asho Zarathushtra's Teachings 13750TH Anniversary of Propounding of Asho Zarathushtra’s Teachings
The upcoming Persian New Year celebration (starting on 20th March 2012)
will mark the 3750th year since Asho Zarathushtra propounded his
teachings which is a milestone of historic proportions. The core of his
universal teachings, compiled in the Gathas, delivered a universal
message of peace, social justice, and righteousness. Aptly, in a world
currently riddled with so much turmoil, we would like to mark this great
occasion by increasing awareness of Zarathushtra’s teachings through
a global celebration.

The ‘themes’ we are proposing for this global celebration are meant to
convey our belief that the ancient teachings of Asho Zarathushtra are as
relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.. We believe that his
universal messages offers hope, healing and solace to humanity. The
three themes we are proposing are as follows:

1- How Asho Zarathushtra’s teachings can benefit the individual on a
personal level and improve his/her life

2- How Asho Zarathushtra’s teachings can benefit one’s family and
community (neighbourhood, village, city, state, country, etc.)

3- How Asho Zarathushtra’s teachings can help improve and maintain the
earth’s natural environment (dealing with environmental challenges)

We are inviting the whole world, particularly fellow Zoroastrians and
Anjumans, Organizations and Associations to participate in celebration
of this unique occasion. Simply remember mentioning this anniversary
when announcing or celebrating events. Please let’s try to educate
the youth and children on Asho Zarathushtra’s great teachings. We
have provided some examples of how one can participate in the
celebration through our web site,
And as last request, please let us know of your activities in this
regard by emailing the details of your celebrations to

We will publish relevant news as well as a global calendar which will
consist of content of lectures and articles presented throughout these
celebrations. This site will also contain useful information to download
and use for various events.

We would appreciate your advice and input for the celebrations,
conferences, festivals, etc.

Committee for Coordination of

Global Celebrations of the year 3750Z


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