Ancient Cemetery Found in Iran


Ancient Cemetery Found in Iran 1Ancient Cemetery Found in Iran

Tehran, May 30, 2010: Construction workers have stumbled upon an ancient cemetery in the southwestern city of Yasouj in Iran+s Kohkilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province.

“The site has been found in the east of the city and dates back to more than 3,000 years ago,” head of the Kohkilouyeh Cultural Heritage Office Yadollah Moradi told Mehr News Agency.”Archeologists will soon start excavations and publish the findings of their studies,” he added.

“Human skeletal remains were also unearthed at the site along with broken arrows and earthenware,” Moradi explained, saying that the existence of the cemetery shows that the area had been inhabited in old times.

“It is possible that the cemetery is part of the ancient residential area found in the city of Yasouj before,” Moradi added.

Some historians refer to Yasouj as the place where the Persian Gate battle occurred between Alexander the Great and the Achaemenid commander Ariobarzan.


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