Parsi Ahura Scholarship Application, Less than 2 Months Left


Parsi Ahura Scholarship Application, Less than 2 Months Left 1The Ahura scholarship board would like to remind all potential applicants that Ahura scholarship application deadline is July 15th. Please refer to following notice for more information.


Member of Board of Directors,
Ahura Scholarship
Koorosh Vakhshoori

Young Zoroastrians are invited to apply for the Ahura Scholarship for the academic year of 2010-2011. There were six grants last year, and the Ahura Scholarship Board looks forward to receiving your applications this year.

The Ahura Scholarship mission:
“To promote leadership among young Zoroastrians in the academic, artistic and social spheres.”

About the Ahura Scholarship:
This one-time grant helps finance undergraduate or graduate study by talented young Zoroastrians. Ahura Fellows receive $3,000; Ahura Strivers receive $1,000. Applicants must have been accepted to or be currently enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning. Candidates of diverse nationalities are welcomed to apply. Payment of the scholarship is dependent on receipt of a tuition statement and confirmed enrollment for the fall semester of 2010. All completed applications must be postmarked by July 15, 2010. For a copy of the application, please see For specific questions please contact Koorosh Vakhshoori


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