Africa, A Zartushti Opens A School


Africa, A Zartushti Opens A School writes: “Ramin Farhangi, the son of the late Manouchehr Farhangi, at a ribbon cutting ceremony he helped finance in Mozambique.  This he has done on behalf of the Manouchehr Farhangi foundation, a philanthropic organization named after his father.  Mr. Farhangi was a successful businessman in Iran before the revolution and was able to establish and fund a very successful private boarding school in Europe.  Mr. Farhangi owned several pharmaceutical companies in Iran and was the founder of a resort on the Caspian sea, bringing to Iran, the concept of resort ownership.  ICS of Madrid, the school he founded in the South of Spain in 1980, was an answer to the needs of the Iranian high school students who needed a home immediately after the Islamic Revolution.  His philanthropic givings had always defined how Manoucheher conducted his life and

now the spirit of giving is being practiced by his son and his reach is being felt in Africa.”


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