Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Karachi from the Master – Karachi, Pakistan

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Karachi from the Master – Karachi, Pakistan 1

Guitar lessons in karachi Pakistan

Acoustic Guitar Lessons from the Master in Karachi

Tired of being ripped off for your money’s worth?

Not getting enough “mileage” on your guitar lesson hours?

Is your instructor spending more time teaching you how to hold the guitar rather than play it?

These are commonly related problems you will face by music schools who love to make a quick buck off you. After all, it’s just business!!

Enter into the real world of music where it’s pure passion that counts.

Ralph Daranjo is an accomplished classical flamenco and jazz guitarist who loves music with a die-hard passion. He started playing at age 12 on banjo and then progressed to acoustic guitar.

Playing professionally for over 35 years, Ralph finally decides to share his musical experiences and talents with eager students who share the same passion.

Take a beginners class or advance your skills to intermediate level. You can also take the advanced guitar course if you qualify in your skill-level.

It’s all easy and all up to you. Best of all, you will SEE your progress in just a matter of days.

Register now for the new introductory rates for beginners.

For more details contact :

Pamela @ 0333-3075353

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10 years ago

Might be coming over to Karachi soon. You still offering guitar lessons?

9 years ago

i’ll pay you $15/ hour canadian (about 1300 PKR/ hour) if you can teach online through skype. Marsani Tutor.
Email me at: [email protected]

Muhammad Amin
Muhammad Amin
5 years ago

please can you let me know the charges of your course/class, i want to learn guitar from the beginning actually i want to learn music from you if you help me. kindly let me know the charges so i can further contact you on this.